Our Philosophy


At Pole Star Public School we aim at developing balanced human beings who are rational decision makers. Students are taken along a structured path of learning. In the initial years, the school focuses on developing language skills and basic mathematical concepts of students. Once they master these skills they are taken to higher levels of learning that involve comparison, synthesis and analysis of knowledge gained by them as part of their curriculum.

Student centric experiential learning approach

Our child centric approach to teaching and learning is based on our belief that learning comes to each child in his/her own unique way. Students are encouraged to reflect on their engaging experiences. This taps into their inherently curios nature and makes learning a pleasurable journey.

Wider Curriculum

We take a holistic approach towards learning which requires a wider curriculum, which looks beyond rote learning and text book knowledge. Projects and assignments are designed in a way which engage students in groups and require them to take an interdisciplinary approach where they integrate their language skills, understanding of subject knowledge, art as a means of expression and use of technology.


Evaluation and assessment are continuous and ongoing in the form of oral and written exams conducted periodically along with projects and assignment. Our focus is on assessing our students’ problem solving skills rather than their ability to memorize and reproduce information.

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